hg commit [OPTION]... [FILE]...

aliases: ci

commit the specified files or all outstanding changes

    Commit changes to the given files into the repository. Unlike a
    centralized SCM, this operation is a local operation. See
    :hg:`push` for a way to actively distribute your changes.

    If a list of files is omitted, all changes reported by :hg:`status`
    will be committed.

    If you are committing the result of a merge, do not provide any
    filenames or -I/-X filters.

    If no commit message is specified, Mercurial starts your
    configured editor where you can enter a message. In case your
    commit fails, you will find a backup of your message in

    The --amend flag can be used to amend the parent of the
    working directory with a new commit that contains the changes
    in the parent in addition to those currently reported by :hg:`status`,
    if there are any. The old commit is stored in a backup bundle in
    ``.hg/strip-backup`` (see :hg:`help bundle` and :hg:`help unbundle`
    on how to restore it).

    Message, user and date are taken from the amended commit unless
    specified. When a message isn't specified on the command line,
    the editor will open with the message of the amended commit.

    It is not possible to amend public changesets (see :hg:`help phases`)
    or changesets that have children.

    See :hg:`help dates` for a list of formats valid for -d/--date.

    Returns 0 on success, 1 if nothing changed.


 == ===================== =========================================================
 -A --addremove           mark new/missing files as added/removed before committing
    --close-branch        mark a branch as closed, hiding it from the branch list  
    --amend               amend the parent of the working dir                      
 -s --secret              use the secret phase for committing                      
 -e --edit                invoke editor on commit messages                         
 -I --include PATTERN [+] include names matching the given patterns                
 -X --exclude PATTERN [+] exclude names matching the given patterns                
 -m --message TEXT        use text as commit message                               
 -l --logfile FILE        read commit message from file                            
 -d --date DATE           record the specified date as commit date                 
 -u --user USER           record the specified user as committer                   
 -S --subrepos            recurse into subrepositories                             
 == ===================== =========================================================

[+] marked option can be specified multiple times

global options:

 == =================== ==================================================================
 -R --repository REPO   repository root directory or name of overlay bundle file          
    --cwd DIR           change working directory                                          
 -y --noninteractive    do not prompt, automatically pick the first choice for all prompts
 -q --quiet             suppress output                                                   
 -v --verbose           enable additional output                                          
    --config CONFIG [+] set/override config option (use 'section.name=value')             
    --debug             enable debugging output                                           
    --debugger          start debugger                                                    
    --encoding ENCODE   set the charset encoding (default: UTF-8)                         
    --encodingmode MODE set the charset encoding mode (default: strict)                   
    --traceback         always print a traceback on exception                             
    --time              time how long the command takes                                   
    --profile           print command execution profile                                   
    --version           output version information and exit                               
 -h --help              display help and exit                                             
    --hidden            consider hidden changesets                                        
 == =================== ==================================================================

[+] marked option can be specified multiple times