Configuring hgweb

    Mercurial's internal web server, hgweb, can serve either a single
    repository, or a tree of repositories. In the second case, repository
    paths and global options can be defined using a dedicated
    configuration file common to :hg:`serve`, ``hgweb.wsgi``,
    ``hgweb.cgi`` and ``hgweb.fcgi``.
    This file uses the same syntax as other Mercurial configuration files
    but recognizes only the following sections:
      - web
      - paths
      - collections
    The ``web`` options are thoroughly described in :hg:`help config`.
    The ``paths`` section maps URL paths to paths of repositories in the
    filesystem. hgweb will not expose the filesystem directly - only
    Mercurial repositories can be published and only according to the
    The left hand side is the path in the URL. Note that hgweb reserves
    subpaths like ``rev`` or ``file``, try using different names for
    nested repositories to avoid confusing effects.
    The right hand side is the path in the filesystem. If the specified
    path ends with ``*`` or ``**`` the filesystem will be searched
    recursively for repositories below that point.
    With ``*`` it will not recurse into the repositories it finds (except for
    With ``**`` it will also search inside repository working directories
    and possibly find subrepositories.
    In this example::
      /projects/a = /srv/tmprepos/a
      /projects/b = c:/repos/b
      / = /srv/repos/*
      /user/bob = /home/bob/repos/**
    - The first two entries make two repositories in different directories
      appear under the same directory in the web interface
    - The third entry will publish every Mercurial repository found in
      ``/srv/repos/``, for instance the repository ``/srv/repos/quux/``
      will appear as ``http://server/quux/``
    - The fourth entry will publish both ``http://server/user/bob/quux/``
      and ``http://server/user/bob/quux/testsubrepo/``
    The ``collections`` section is deprecated and has been superseded by